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Revealing a smug manner

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Smirk | Dream Interpretation

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Smirk dreams

Half brother standing by a red car smirking


Smirk dream meaning

Dreamed that a coworker whom i have hung out with outside of work, but isn’t a close friend, and i were in a parked car. i was in the driver’s seat and he in the passenger’s seat. his window was down and an unknown woman began to approach his side of the car, but was still a good distance away. she was holding a sealed letter. i told him not to take the letter, because it would allow her to read his inner thoughts. when she arrived at the car she proceeded to hand my coworker the sealed envelope and i said “don’t take it”. she looked me dead in the eyes and said “i can read your thoughts whether you take it or not”. i was spooked because there was no way she heard me tell him the reason why he shouldn’t take the letter. i tried to roll up the window and she tossed the envelope in smirked and turned away. i drove off quickly and my coworker began to open the letter. at that moment i woke up. i rarely remember so many details of a dream, so i assume it is meaningful. unfortunately, i have no idea what it may mean. i don’t remember many details about the car i was driving, i felt like it belonged to me, but it wasn’t any vehicle i own or have owned in my waking life. any help on interpretation will be appreciated.

Topless and family smirking

Crush smirking

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