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Warmth and comfort or roles that you’re playing, depending upon the dream.

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See Stockings.

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(See Stockings).

To dream of putting on socks foretells, for a maiden, an indiscreet situation that will arise wish her lover.

For a man it is a warning against unfaithfulness.

If a woman dreams of attending church wearing short Socks, it is a forerunner of quarrels with her husband or sweetheart.

Washing socks in a dream is an augury of both a successful love affair and a happy married life.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

They are a garment that is closely related to the individual’s welfare or comfort.

If they are torn and dirty it is a sign of waste: the dreamer spends more than she can afford.

If they are new and clean they indicate a comfortable and wealthy situation. To take the socks off is interpreted as the need for a change that is getting imperative.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

To dream that you are only wearing socks (no shoes) indicates your warmth and your flexibility of understanding.

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See Stocking.

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A covering of protection for one’s steps, unseen by others; see “stockings”; research style, i.E. Color, etc.

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Socks bring warmth and comfort to the feet. Throwing away a pair of socks may signify a readiness to let go or to go beyond your comfort zone. Having mixed socks in a dream may comment that you are wearing two identities in the world Or it may represent an embarrassment.

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it symbolises the security of a person’s livelihood.

If they are ot defective it means he will continue to receive lawful sustenance. At times it symbolises grief and sorrow as well.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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