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Wisdom, virtuous spirit

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Spiritually, a woman is able to make intuitive links with the essential aspects of her own personality. She then achieves a greater understanding of her own make-up, and is able to use all facets of her being within her normal everyday life. Sophia (meaning ‘wisdom’) is a personalization of an aspect of the divine.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Gives gender - specific: In dreams the labyrinth can be suggested by any dream that has us exploring a series of underground passages.

It is held by some to be an exploration of the hidden feminine, whether in the sense of sophia (eternal wisdom) or the anima in men. Also consult the entries for maze and minotaur.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


The oldest religious tradition on earth may well be Goddess worship, which some archaeologists trace back further than 30,000 years. It was certainly natural to worship the archetype of woman as the source of all life, especially in the age before male warriors replaced Her with their combative sky gods. The Goddess archetype in dreams can be inspiring as it embodies wisdom, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess and sensuality.

If a particular goddess appears in your dream, study the specific qualities of that goddess and evaluate how much of your sense of self is reflected in one of those patterns. For example, Venus / Aphrodite: love and fertility; Diana / Artemis: nature and hunting; Minerva / Athena: strength, clear thinking; Ceres / Demeter: motherhood; Juno / Hera: queenship and partnership; Proserpina / Persephone: mysticism and mediumship; Sophia: wisdom... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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