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As a pan of the human survival ability, the capacity to predict the future is a well-developed everyday pan of life—so much so we often fail to notice it. When crossing a road we quickly take in factors related to sounds, car speeds and our own physical condition, and predict the likelihood of being able to cross the road without injury. Based on informa­tion gathered, often unconsciously, we also attempt to assess or predict the outcome of relationships, job interviews, busi­ness ventures, and any course of action imponant to us.

If detailed observations were made of the habits of ten people, one could predict fairly accurately what they would be doing for the next week, perhaps even pinpointing the time and place.

For instance some would never visit a pub, while others would be frequently there.

Because the unconscious is the storehouse of millions of bits of observed information, and because it has a well-devel­oped function enabling us to scan information and predict from it, some dreams forecast the future. Such predictions may occur more frequently in a dream rather than as waking insight, because few people can put aside their likes and dis­likes, prejudices and hopes sufficiently to allow such informa­tion into the consciousness. While asleep some of these barri­ers drop and allow information to be presented.

Ed Butler’s dream is about his work scene. Each detail was real and horrifying. Shonly afterwards, Rita was burnt just as in the dream. Example: ‘I was stanled by the muffled but unmistakable sound of a nearby explosion. While unex­pected, it wasn’t entirely unusual—the high energy propel- lants and oxidisers being synthesised and tested in the chem­istry wing were hazardously unstable. When I heard the screams I froze for an instant, recognising that they could only be coming from Rita, the one woman chemist in the all male department. I rushed to the doorway of her laboratory. Peer­ing through the smoke and fumes I saw a foot sticking out of the surrounding flames. I was only in my shirt sleeves, unpro­tected, not even wearing my lab coat, but I had to go into the flames. I grabbed Rita by the foot and noticed with horror that her stockings were melting from the heat. I pulled her back into the doorway and tugged at a chain which released gallons of water on her flaming body. When satisfied the fire was quenched, even though my own clothes still smouldered, I ran for the emergency phone’ (from Dream Network Bulletin, June 1985).

Some precognitive dreams appear to go beyond this ability to predict from information already held. So far there is no theory which is commonly accepted which explains this.

A not too bizarre one, however, is thai our unconscious has access to a collective mind. With so much more information available, it can transcend the usual limitations when predict­ing from personal information.

The next examples are all from Shirley G. Because of space, only three of the dreams are quoted. Nevertheless, they are typical of dreams which do not seem to fall into the category of precognitive dreams arising from unconscious scanning or information already known. Example: ‘1 set out to dream the winner of a horse race each day for a week. I was driving down a country road and sud­denly saw a glimpse of Emmerdale Farm down a side road. Following day: chosen horse Emmerdale Farm came in first. 2 Was working in a room when a man popped his head around the door and shouted excitedly “John, John, your uncle’s here” and disappeared. I carried on working. Chosen horse: Uncle John. Came in first. 3 Was walking down a road, called into a house by a friend to have a chat. On the way out she opened the door and I saw a completely empty room except for a huge black fireplace. Door closed and I left the house. Chosen horse Black Fire—which I insisted would only be placed due to a fireplace. Came in 2nd.* See ESP in dreams. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


To dream that you are moving at high speeds could express a hidden fear of death, which, very probably, comes from the recent death of a loved one. However, it could also allude to the rushing rhythm of your life; maybe you need to slow down a little.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


This dream means that you are experiencing some sort of transition in your life that is happening very fast. Any means of transportation in a dream is synonymous with the way we move through our lives. Because of the dramatic way an airplane leaves the ground and speeds you to your destination, it is connected with any sudden transition in life. In a dream, changes of this nature can connect either to something that is taking place in your life at the moment or to one that is needed or wished for. What happens to the plane offers more distinctions to add to your interpretation:

Missing your plane could indicate a sense that something is passing you by and may illuminate a need to take stock of how aware you are of the opportunities in your current situation. Being stuck on a plane might connect to feelings of impatience and the need to accept external limitations.

A plane crash indicates that something in process may not have been working properly and will have to start over. Take a look at the areas in your life that are stagnant or erupting—you may need to fasten your seat belt and take off.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Any driving dream connects to how you are moving through your life and the quality, sensations, and judgments you have about how this is going at the time of a dream in which driving is a prominent image.

If you are driving out of control in the dream, you must consider what area of your life might be beyond your ability to regulate.

If you are in the back seat and need to gain control of the car, look for ways in which you haven’t yet stepped up to the plate. You may not be able to do so yet because of circumstances beyond your control.

If your car isn’t responding to you, you may be feeling ineffectual about taking charge of some path you are traversing. Varying speeds might be reflecting movement in life that feels either too fast or too slow for your comfort.

A vehicle other than a car might point to being in foreign territory. You may not be feeling confident in your ability to work with the circumstances you have been handed. Causing an accident could be inviting you to look at the consequences of your choices. Being a victim of an accident might encourage you to look at the ways in which you have abandoned your own direction because of another person or outside force beyond your control. Driving in the rain connects emotional issues to your current route. Icy conditions indicate that emotions are being frozen over, making your way treacherous. Driving down or up a hill would illustrate the sense of effort or ease involved in your life movement.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

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