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You feel you are being haunted or berated by someone who has died. There may be feelings of terror, guilt, resentment or abandonment. These dreams may occur when you feel guilty or responsible for a death, or anxious about a situation. Although they are quite rare, these can be among the most uncomfortable dreams we can ever have. The flip side to such dreams is a dream in which we are being guided by the dead or a spirit or angel. These usually occur during times of active grief, which can last years. Visits from a deceased loved one may give you the feeling that they are OK, or inspire you to change your life. In either case, there may be a feeling of hope and comfort. A spirit guide is one more knowledgeable than the self; dream interaction with such a teacher indicates a desire and need for communication and rapport with the deepest part of your mind and being.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

also see Ghost

At its very basic level, we all have fears and feelings about death, and the appearance of Spirit helps us to come to terms with these. It will depend on the dreamer’s own personal belief system as to whether he or she feels they are actual spirits or not.

When spirits appear in dreams, their function may be to help us through various states of transition. While we cope with everyday fears, there are many unconscious memories and feelings which can surface unexpectedly. When we are conscious of a kindly or helpful spirit we arc aware that we can move on. When we sec the spirits of dead people we usually need reassurance.

During spiritual development, our perceptions widen from the ordinary everyday to other aspects and dimensions of knowledge that have become available to us. Whether these arc aspects of our own personality or of the spirit realm is immaterial, since ultimately their function is to help the dreamer progress.

The spiritual self has access to the Collective Unconscious in its entirety.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

1. Hoping for a religious solution to one’s problems.

2. Belief in spirit equals belief in an afterlife.

3. Someone is not who he/she seems to be.

4. Drinking too much.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To dream that you are talking to an unknown spirit forewarns that someone is trying to deceive you.

If the spirit is known and welcomed by you, it is a sign of great good luck and good fortune in business affairs.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

(See Intoxicants)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

if you dream of speaking with an unknown spirit you should watch out for someone who is trying to deceive you. Generally if the spirit is known and welcomed it is a sign of great good luck and/or good fortune in business affairs.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

See spiritual imagery in the introduction

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Feelings or intuitions about the dead or death; fears concerning one’s own unconscious memories or feelings; in­tuitions arising from one’s own mind and awareness, as it exists beyond the preconceptions and boundaries of prejudice or fear. Idioms: be with someone in spirit; high/low spirits, public spirit; spirit away; spirit is willing. See ghosts. See also devil under archetypes; masturbation; sex while asleep.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Dream Of Spirits | Dream Interpretation

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(Donkey; Braying of a donkey)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream that evil spirits obstruct your doing good under the show of devotion, shows you shall be obstructed in your affairs by a hypocrite, who shall be a priest. And if you dream that you see hideous physiognomies, things more than vulgar shall be revealed to you.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


A very serious omen, unless you succeed in driving them away. Be careful in your business.... Mystic Dream Book


Mystic Dream Book


(Possessed) If one sees himself haunted or possessed by evil spirits in a dream, it means that he engages in usury, performs secrets arts, or that he may lose his wealth to become unhappy, or to suffer from stress or depression.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Even the most prosaic and materialistic of us have dreams that include supernatural creatures or incidents.

Ghosts, witches, out-of-body experiences, UFOs, haunted houses and a whole plethora of spirits, creatures and unexplained phenomena exist in the world of the supernatural. When these images appear in your dreams, they can be unsettling, especially when psychics claim that they are connected with the supernatural. Even though there is no evidence to suggest this is the case, the mysterious and often bizarre nature of dreams has led many to interpret dreams as supernatural gifts or messages, as predictions of the future or as messages from the past. Modern oneiromancy, the prediction of the future through the interpretation of dreams, is a tradition that has its roots in pagan and ancient Greek and Roman thought, as well as in the Jewish and Christian religions.

Freudians and Jungians, together with most other dream analysts, reject the supernatural origin of dreams. Their view is that dreams bubble up from the unconscious mind and are metaphors for events or emotions occurring in our waking lives. Theologians, however, continue to admit the possibility that dreams may be supernatural or divine in origin. Whether or not you believe dreams have a supernatural origin, if you are experiencing such dreams, your unconscious might be urging you to be more open-minded towards unexplained phenomena; alternatively, they might be suggesting a need for radical change in your life or attitude. See also MIND, BODY, SPIRIT; NIGHTMARES; SURREALISM AND FANTASY.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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