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1. If being splashed with water, one needs to “wake up.” 2. If splashing another, the person needs to be awakened to cer­tain realities. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


If you are splashing in a puddle it marks the enjoyment of those pleasures which later bring you problems. Conversely, to avoid one without getting wet indicates the ability to overcome dangers while keeping calm. To see your own reflection in a puddle predicts quick economic gains; to fall in one, serious setbacks; and leaving a puddle after being soaked, the end of annoyance.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Dreams in which you throw away garbage may be connected to a desire to rid yourself of emotional and physical waste. Try to work out what the dream is referring to and dispose of it. If, however, the dream garbage was being thrown out by friends or loved ones, then perhaps other people are doing your dirty work for you. There may also be a suggestion that you need help ridding yourself of something damaging.

If you throw something precious out in your dream, you are not appreciating someone close to you or are taking them for granted.

If you are covered in garbage, you may be afraid of some form of humiliation or feel emotionally burdened in waking life.

The presence of dirt in your dream will also refer to something distasteful in your waking life. Bear in mind, though, that such a dream may not be completely negative, as we use manure or fertilizer to encourage growth. The allusion may therefore be to some action that is disagreeable but will yield results. Excrement or feces in dreams has a different meaning, indicating that you are purging yourself of something or someone in waking life that is poisonous to you. A dream of pollution also refers to something that is damaging to you—emotionally and physically—if you do not avoid or dispose of it. Dreams of splashing through a puddle or being covered with soot may refer to mild irritations in waking life. A drain disposes of excess water and if it appears in your dream, it may suggest that you are feeling drained emotionally.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia