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Here again the omen depends on the action and the details.

A full spool indicates pleasantly busy times ahead; an empty spool suggests a possible loss of status through improvidence; winding onto a spool is a sign that you may be retarding your own progress by being overcautious; unwinding from a spool predicts a new and profitable venture.

If your dream featured slipping or falling on a spool, it is warning you against indiscriminate sex relations.

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In the case that a spool of thread appears in a dream, this may indicate that your ideas are a bit tangled. You should let them flow without trying to limit them or solve them. The dream reflects a lack of clarity regarding a project we are about to undertake. (See THREAD and WOOL)

A silk spool is a sign of inner enrichment for the dreamer; cotton denotes poverty and complicated matters.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreams of a spool signify how tightly wound you are.

If you are wound tight, then this dream is telling you to let loose and relax.

If you are too loosely wound, then this dream is telling you to pull your act together and to tie up your loose ends.

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In a dream,a spool means keeping one’s secrets, or it could represent a gracious man, or a trustworthy person who lends his help to others and benefits them in their worldly affairs.

If one sees himself carrying a spool while taking his ritual ablution in a dream, it means that he will seek the help of a righteous believer who holds fast to the rope of God Almighty. In that sense, a spool represents the element of religious life and the rope in a dream signifies religion, which is one’s connection to his Lord. Carrying a spool when performing one’s ablution in a dream means that one will be permanently cured from ills and become free from debts.

A spool in a dream also means an active servant, or a talkative son.

(Also see Ball of thread; Rope)

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Accumulation of past mistakes... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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All the negative programs, limiting ideas you are harboring. Time to clean up emotionally, releasing and forgiving self and others.... The Dream Books Symbols


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To dream of spools of thread, indicates some long and arduous tasks, but which when completed will meet your most sanguine expectations.

If they are empty, there will be disappointments for you. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


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Spools of thread signify various intricate tasks that harass the dreamer in waking hours. Empty spools denote unsatisfactory results from such tasks.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


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A dream of many serious worries (Gypsy). ... The Fabric of Dream


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