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To dream of a stampede suggests that you need to take control of your animal urges.

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Unfairly run over by the power of the competitive, material world; see “horse”

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Stampede | Dream Interpretation

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(see Directions, Landmarks)

Seeing specific cities, states, or countries in your dream may have some bearing on the overall interpretation.

For example, if the region has a symbolic name like Taylor, MI, this could indicate the need to “tailor” your activities or character to fit a specific situation. Areas that have animal names can be interpreted similarly, like Buffalo, NY, revealing a personality that tends to stampede over everyone standing in her / his way.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


To dream of an elephant is to recognize the qualities of patience, long memory, strength, wisdom and loyalty. It’s a particularly good sign if you are riding it.

If other people are riding the elephant, it could suggest help from a friend or a close strong friendship. To feed an elephant suggests meetings with people in key positions.

If you run from a herd of stampeding elephants, this could suggest being afraid of your own strength or inner power.

If a rogue elephant stampedes, it could represent a chaotic element in yourself that threatens to wreak havoc in the waking world if it isn’t controlled. The question is, can we meet this enormous strength and energy in ourselves and learn to direct it positively? The elephant’s trunk is sometimes said to be a sexual symbol indicating the ability to satisfy needs.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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