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Revealing a need to get started and not procrastinate

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Starter | Dream Interpretation

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This represents our basic motivation our instinctive drives and possibly the sexual impulse.

If the engine is not working properly we are not able to summon up enough energy to go on.

If the starter motor is not working this would suggest that we need help to start a project.

It is for us to be able to translate the symbolism into our own lives. Also consult the individual entry for engine.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


Guns are associated with violence, death and war, and to hear a gun in your dream may suggest your unconscious wish for someone to be taken out of your way as they are blocking your progress. A single shot, such as the shot fired by a starter pistol at the beginning of a race, may suggest the pressure you feel if you are under a harsh deadline for completing a project.... The Element Encyclopedia


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