The meaning of Statistics in dream | Dream interpretation

In the following box are figures based on a word count of 1,000 dreams.

If we look at the entry on man’, for example, the number 304 appears beside it. This means the word ‘man’ appeared 304 times within the 1,000 dreams.

The word beside it, ‘men’, appeared 91 times. These are totalled to make the next figure, 395, which is the number of times refer­ence to man/men appeared in the dreams.

The figure I in the next column shows that within the group headed People and family’, the words man/men had the highest score.

The word people’ came second, scoring 345.

The figure in the third column shows the position regarding all the headings, making man/men the sixth highest score, with ‘see. seeing, looking’ the highest

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Statistics | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Statistics


To dream of a papaya suggests the need for healing. Eating papaya or getting the juice on your skin may be letting you know that a healing is currently occurring in your life.

A papaya tree abundant with fruit is a message that there is a solution to every problem. Do not feel anxious, as complete physical or emotional healing is always possible regardless of statistics, concepts, and old-fashioned ideas.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


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