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Are you weak in your dreams or so strong you can manage any physical feat required of you? If you are feeling weak, a medical check-up might be required, but it could also suggest that you feel somehow less than perfect in waking life and unable to accomplish what is required of you. Dreams in which you simply can’t keep up with the action or are outrun by the bogey man are experienced more frequently as you age, and may well be your dreaming mind’s way of helping you adjust to the natural aging process.

If your dreams often feature themes of illness or loss of strength and you are concerned by these, see your doctor by all means; the chances are, however, that you feel unable to meet some internal or external commands in waking life. In your dreams, your unmet goals and high standards are making you ill. But dreams in which you have boundless energy and physical power seem to be telling you that you are capable of far more than you realize. In some cases, as with people who are seriously ill or disabled, dreams of extraordinary energy and good health are compensatory or wish- fulfillment dreams.

If, in your dream, you are weak because you have lost weight, this can suggest concern about body image but it can also indicate possessive, demanding behavior from the people in your life. Conversely, gaining weight and strength may show an excessive need for their approval and a childish need for instant gratification. Finally, if other people are watching either your feats of strength or growing weakness in your dream, this suggests that you are preoccupied with themes of competition. Who or what are you trying to compete with, surpass or vanquish?... The Element Encyclopedia


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1. Someone is hiding something.

2. Someone is trying to deceive one. ... New American Dream Dictionary


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(See Castle; Citadel; Fortress)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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This can be a demonic oppressor, Matt 12:29 ... Christian Dream Symbols


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