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Spiritual good and evil is not naturally discerned, and it must be judged; see “witchcraft”

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To see or hear supernatural activity in your dream symbolizes a lack of control in your life. You may be experiencing some disruptions that are hindering your goals. You may also wish to look up “E.S.P.”, “Ghosts”, “Possessed”, “Telekinesis”, and “Witch”.

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There is a long tradition in almost every religion of dreams with messages from a supernatural power. Many people are inclined to accept that dreams containing religious symbols, such as the Cross, Star or Crescent Moon, or leaders of their faith, such as Christ, Buddha, Muhammed or Moses, appear as direct instructions from that power.

If you have been brought up in a particular faith, it is most likely that such dreams are instructing you to act in accordance with the moral standards of that faith. They may also be urging you to regard some waking problem in the light of your religious beliefs. A dream of a religious symbol may therefore be suggesting that a part of your life needs moral, as well as practical, attention. A dream featuring a religious leader tends to occur when there is an important moral decision to be made in your waking life. See also RELIGION.... The Element Encyclopedia

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