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Tampons in dreams signify that you are having trouble accepting your feminine side. Also see “Menstruation.”

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A tampon is used to stop the flow of blood that connects with menstruation and reflects a desire for certain natural experiences to be tidier and cleaner than they naturally are. What flow in your life are you trying to stop from moving naturally because of some sense of shame or inhibition?

There is an interesting use here of something phallic to alter something vaginal; look for where you are switching out a masculine approach when a feminine one would be more authentic.

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Tampon | Dream Interpretation

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Asking for tampons

Grits and tampon

Used tampons

Lots of tampons

Tampons coming out unaturually

Used tampon


Tampon string hanging out



Tampons keep coming out of your vagina

Bloody tampons

Tampon coming out of vagina

57 yrs old pulling out used tampon

Nowhere to flush used tampon

Tampon string

Tampons coming out

Tampons keep coming out of vagina

Pulling out bloody tampon

Unused pink tampons

Putting a tampon in

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