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To dream of aluminum, denotes contentment with any fortune, however small.

For a woman to see her aluminum ornaments or vessels tarnished, foretells strange and unexpected sorrow, and loss will befall her. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


(Blade; Power; Scabbard) In a dream, a sword represents a son, a king, a clan, a tribe, a farm, a property, or a woman.

If a sword is interpreted as power, then it means diligence, and if it is interpreted as words, it means clarity of speech.

If it is interpreted as one’s father, then it represents the father’s pride of his son.

If one’s sword is weighing heavy and is being dragged with difficulty in the dream, it means an appointment that is difficult to bear, though one will draw benefits from it. Ifone hands his wife the blade in the dream, it means that she will bear a son. Ifhe hands her the sword sheathed in the dream, it means that she will bear a daughter.

An iron sword in a dream represents a son. Abrass sword in a dream means a rich son. Alead sword in a dream means an effeminate son.

A wooden sword in a dream means a son who is a hypocrite, and a tarnished sword in a dream represents an unattractive son.

To draw out one’s sword from its sheath in a dream could represent some words one is prepared to say.

If the sword is sharpened, bright and scintillating in the dream, it means that his words will be sweet and true.

If it looks rusted or tarnished in the dream, it means that his words will be harsh and false. Ifthe sword is heavy in the dream, it means that he will say words which are even heavy on him to bear. Ifthe sword has a crack in the dream, it means that his words will be rejected, and his intention will vex.

If one’s sword falls to the floor in the dream, it means that one may divorce his wife.

If one’s sword is seen laying beside him in the dream, it means that he is a man of authority. Ifthe loop or the belt breaks and the sword falls in the dream, it means loss of one’s power. Ifthe hilt breaks in the dream, it may mean the death one’s wife.

If one is given a sheath without a sword in a dream, it means that he will keep something in trust.

If the handle of one’s sword breaks in the dream, it means that either one’s father, uncle, aunt, or mother may die shortly.

If the blade breaks in the dream, it means that one’s servant, or assistant-worker may die shortly. Ifone sees swords flying in the air in a dream, they represent a plague.

A sword in a dream also could represent one’s anger, or his tight financial circumstances. Swallowing a sword in a dream means gathering the spoils of war.

If a sword swallows someone in a dream, it means a snakebite. In a dream, the sheath of a sword represents a woman. Hitting someone with a sword in a dream means insulting him with harsh words. Sheathing one’s sword in a dream means marriage.

If the blade ceases to cut in a dream, it means that one’s words will bear no weight. Ifone is hit with a sword, and if he loses his hand, his leg, or receives wounds in the dream, it means having an argument that involves one’s father, son, or brother, etcetera, depending which limb and what member of one’s family it represents.

If one’s head is cut off with a sword in a dream, it means that the one who received the blow will triumph over the one who beheaded him, or receive benefits through him. Ifone’s body is dismembered with a sword in a dream, it means that he may travel far, or that his progeny will disperse across the land.

A sword in a dream also represents wealth, power or knowledge. Waving a sword during a duel in a dream means becomingknown in one’s field or profession.

(Also see Duel; Knife)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


If a horse is seen as going out of control in a confined area such as the top of a wall or roof or within the four walls of a masjid it means his honour and dignity will be tarnished. Perhaps he will commit a sin or crime of a serious nature.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Acceptance of responsibilities.

If tarnished, the responsibilities are overwhelming and disappointing to you. ... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The best or most valuable in oneself or in opportunity, what stands the ‘acid test’ or does not tarnish with time, in terms of personal qualities, such as love, patience or care in work; something you value or want in your life.

If cheap, false, tarnished: something you valued but does not deserve respect. See gold under colours. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


(see Colors, Metals, Moon)

Depending on what is seen as silver, this may be an alternative type of coin or money dream.

An emblem of the feminine, lunar, intuitive nature.

Something within vourself that you treasure. See what shape the silver takes for more interpretive value.

For example, seeing a silver heart may reveal that you consider a loving nature very 7 valuable, and an essential part of your being.

Tarnished silver shows disuse or poor upkeep. What is it that’s being neglected?... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Structures or containers created from steel signify strength, stability, and impenetrability. They may also point toward an individual’s resilience or untarnished reputation. As a personality trait, steel is associated with a powerful will and bravery, as in “nerves of steel.”... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


A man who dreams of wearing a wedding ring will be likely to find that his wife is intolerant of his careless habits.

If a woman dreams that her wedding ring Is bright and untarnished, it is a sign that she will be happy in her married life.... The Complete Dream Book


The Complete Dream Book


Dreaming of jewelry with fine jewels denotes high ambitions.

If the jewelry is broken, disappointments ahead. Tarnished jewelry indicates business problems.

If you lose your jewelry, take especial care of your personal property.

If the dreamer receives a gift of jewelry, it augurs a happy wedded life.... Psycho Dream Interpretation


Psycho Dream Interpretation


General Meaning: A ring is a symbol of a covenant vow.

Dreams Positive:

To receive a wedding ring in a dream may speak of your relationship with the Lord.

It is a picture that He desires to draw you into a more intimate relationship with Him.

• If you dream of your actual wedding ring, it could speak of your marriage at the moment.

• If you dream of a wedding ring from a previous marriage, it could speak of your old marriage.

• If you dream of a ring you received as a child, it could speak of memories or circumstances that are being stirred up again in you from that era.

Negative: If you dream that you lose your wedding ring, it could be an indication that something is wrong either with your relationship with the Lord or with your current spouse.

• Visions • Positive: In Scriptures the ring is a picture of a covenant, authority and favor.

The Signet Ring • In the time of Esther, the King gave her his signet ring to send out a decree that could not be overruled.

• Esther 8:2 And the king took off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gave it to Mordecai. And Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman.

• If you have a vision of receiving a ring, then the Lord is saying that He is giving you some of His authority, and for you to use it in the earth.

• It is one thing to receive authority and another to walk in it. Perhaps you have not been standing in the authority that He has given you as a believer.

• A vision of a ring is a go-ahead from the Lord to rise up and use His Word to speak things into the earth.

• If you are in ministry, then this authority relates to ministry.

The Lord is telling you to set His people free, using the anointing and authority that He has given to you.

• Ring for Decoration • Receiving a ring is also a picture of favor.

The Lord is confirming that you are special to Him and that you have found favor in His eyes.

• Luke 15:22 But the father said to his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put [it] on him; and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on [his] feet: • Wedding Ring • A wedding ring is a symbol of a blood covenant. In a dream it speaks of your relationship with the Lord Jesus.

• In a prophetic dream or vision it speaks of a relationship that someone is in. Negative: A ring is negative is if it is tarnished or you see it being hidden or stolen. This would indicate that you have given up the authority that God has given you.

• It could also mean that the enemy has deceived you into thinking that you have no authority. In either case, it is time to rise up!

See also:

Jewelry, Bride, Bridegroom, Wedding.... The Way of Dreams and Visions


The Way of Dreams and Visions


The inner self that can be tarnished unless it’s polished and buffed to shine forth its light.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


It is related to the moon, the color white, water, passivity, femininity, and sincerity. It represents something of value to the dreamer: it could be her economic needs, or her emotional resources. Its presence in dreams is positive except when it is tarnished, since in these circumstances is augurs serious losses. (See WATER, WHITE, NUDITY, MONEY, and WOMAN)

Silver is not considered a very lucky metal.

If you find it in your purse in a dream, it augurs economic losses.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


A vessel in a dream may be the container that holds the dreamer’s valuables.

The size and the condition of the vessel—e.g., old and tarnished or new and shiny—may indicate if these are established ideals or things newly acquired. Vessels can also be containers of the self.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


In dreams, metal represents strength, material power and force. It can also suggest strength of will, perhaps unbending emotions or a hard or unfeeling nature. Any metal appearing in a dream therefore suggests basic abilities and attributes, but also hardness of feeling or emotional coldness.

Aluminum or aluminum foil signifies a need for reflection or introspection. Perhaps you need a change in perspective. Bronze suggests the blending of different aspects of your life, whilst also portraying recognition for perseverance and the successful completion of your goals. Copper suggests intelligence, an outgoing nature or the need to communicate something important.

Gold is a symbol of what is precious or valued in your life. Finding gold indicates that you are discovering and expressing these characteristics in your life; burying gold means you are hiding something. Associated with the sun and victory, gold may also represent life, completion and renewal. For alchemists, gold represents the spiritual treasure that was gained by transforming the spirit.

If the gold is cheap, this suggests something you value but that does not deserve your respect.

If the gold is tarnished, this suggests something beautiful in you that has been neglected.

When the metal iron appears in a dream, it usually suggests strength and determination but it can also suggest emotional coldness.

If you are using a clothes iron, is there something in your life you are trying to smooth over? In dreams, the appearance of lead suggests a situation in your waking life that is burdening you and leaving you heavy-hearted. Lead as in a lead pencil also has associations with masculinity. Mercury in dreams implies a fluctuating situation or vacillation within yourself over a particular problem. To dream of nickel suggests the need for a new approach to replace an old one. It can also suggest small steps you need to take to help you reach your goal.

Platinum in dreams is a symbol of a life aspect that stimulates multiple opportunities, whilst silver has a double meaning: on a practical level it suggests finance or money, but on a psychological level it represents the qualities of the moon or the need to follow your intuition. Spiritually, silver is said to represent the feminine aspect, whilst gold is the masculine.

If polished silver has the properties of a mirror so your dream may be suggesting that you need to reflect on some waking situation.

Steel in dreams is a symbol of strength and endurance, whereas tin is a symbol of something or someone inferior in your life that is not of the quality it should be; tin may also indicate low self-esteem. Bear in mind, too, that certain metals are also associated with certain planets: Sun-gold; Moon-silver; Mercury- quicksilver; Venus-copper; Mars-iron; Jupiter-tin; Saturn-lead.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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