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Worthless, undesirable, see “food” and “salt-free”

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Tasteless | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Tasteless


1. Enjoying eating ice cream means one is happy, partic­ularly with sexual matters.

2. If the ice cream is tasteless, one is not satisfied, particularly with love life.

3. Keep cool.

4. A situa­tion one is involved in is “cool.” ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary


White-Symbolic Of Something Tasteless And Repulsive, Job 6:6 ... Christian Dream Symbols


Christian Dream Symbols


Although dreaming of your own funeral is really unpleasant, the meaning that lies behind this image is positive. It indicates that you must move away from the past and look to the future. In contrast, dreaming of someone else’s burial announces that, probably, a radical change is about to happen in your life. Something has come to an end and you have to forget about it; or in other words you need to bury it. When it comes to the funeral of a loved one, it shows that you should not cling to your possessions. Dreaming that you are buried alive warns you against a mistake you are about to make; your opponents will use it to harm you.

If you are saved from this situation your efforts will correct the mishap over time. (See CEMETERY and DEATH)

BURIAL - analysis of the dream

Joseph dreamed: “I was sitting in front of a black coffin, surrounded by strangers who were weeping and mourning the death of... I did not know who it was. I felt no sorrow, no pain, but the fact of not knowing who we were burying made me anxious, and still I did not dare to ask. Suddenly, I noticed that the coffin was open and I just had to get up from my chair to see noticed that the coffin was open and I just had to get up from my chair to see inside. My surprise was great when I saw myself dressed as a clown with a stupid grin on my face.”

Dreams about death announce changes or the end of a phase. Before this dream Joseph was a joker... too much! His friends and coworkers were always berating his heavy and tasteless jokes; however, he did not seem willing to change. Joseph took a few days to understand the message of his dream; a few months before, a friend of his had had a really hard time because of his jokes. The dream was announcing to Joseph a change of attitude, it was warning that: “If you do not want to lose all your friends and end up surrounded by strangers—like in the dream—you better bury your joker side.” After this, he knew he had to give way to a more staid Joseph and, of course, it was not fair that others will have a hard time because of his inappropriate attitude.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To dream that you are eating ice cream denotes pleasure and satisfaction with your life. On the other hand, dream ice cream may also indicate double standards; someone who is aware of the truth but doesn’t act upon their knowledge. To dream that you are eating ice cream that is tasteless, sour or melting signifies sorrow, disillusionment, or betrayal. An ice cream cone implies spiritual aspirations that are internalized but not shared with others. An ice cream maker illustrates your ability to grow spiritually but that you have few opportunities to express this growth. An ice cream parlor applies to opportunities to share your spirituality. An ice cream sandwich suggests spirituality that is hidden by physical or material aspects. An ice cream soda implies spirituality that is not demonstrated to others.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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