The meaning of Thawing in dream | Dream interpretation

It means returning to life. It can be interpreted as a time when conditions are favorable for resuming relations or projects that were stagnant or distant.

It is a positive dream because it indicates a desire to re-energize and move on.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

Dreams of thawing something that has been frozen signify a desire to break the ice in your relationship or with a colleague at work. You may be warming up emotionally, mentally and sexually, allowing your fears to melt, and your ego walls to dissolve.

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Thawing | Dream Interpretation

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Depth Psychology: You are at the beginning of an emotional “thaw.” Your old habitual behavior, rigid principles, and hardened emotions are beginning to thaw out.

The result is more emotional warmth and empathy (for yourself and others).

A wonderful symbol, because your soul is thawing out!... Dreamers Dictionary


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