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Emotional fluctuations. See Ocean.

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Dreams of the ocean tides signify your awareness of the cycles of life, endings and beginnings, giving and receiving, and fullness and emptiness. Perhaps you are coming to trust the patterns of life. See Cycle, High Tide, Low Tide, and Moon.

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To see the tide coming in smoothly and gently, symbolizes a calming of emotions. It may also signal an important decision to be made in your life.

To dream of high tide, or big crashing waves, suggests feelings of sensuality and attraction. Or, it could represent strong emotions that you are finally ready to express, instead of holding them inside.

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(Ocean) In a dream, swimming in troubled waters or high tides means adversities, or having to face a strong opponent.

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See High Tide and Low Tide. Tiger, Tigress

Vision: In women’s dreams, this beautiful animal is always a symbol of the longing for powerful erotic sexuality, but at the same time fear (if you are fearful in the dream) of such an experience. This is similar to dreams about a lion. Dreaming about a tiger: be very careful, somebody is sneaking up, waiting for an opportunity to “pounce” on you. Being pursued by a tiger, watch out: a vengeful person is waiting to get even with you. See Animals, Lion, Predator.

Depth Psychology: The tiger is the symbol of urges that are beyond your control. This overdeveloped “animalistic drive’’ is potentially dangerous, unless you can rein it in.

The tigress is a symbol of aggressive sexuality in a woman—the tiger of male sexual drives, aggression, and sexual potency.

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The ebb and flow of the tides, which are influenced by the lunar cycles, expresses the arrival of your wishes over time.

The tides may comment on your readiness to expenence the emotional qualities of life.

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(Ocean) In a dream, swimming in troubled waters or high tides means adversities, or having to face a strong opponent.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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