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If pulling a trailer you are lugging unnecessary weight.

If riding in one, you are not in control of your life direction. See Passenger.

If living in a mobile home, see House.

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To dream of traveling or camping with a trailer to an automobile is a happy augury for men but not for women, A man having this dream may reasonably expect a long period of contentment, while for a woman it predicts the opposite.

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Dreams of a trailer signify that you are riding on the coattails of someone else’s energy, getting hitched, and/or realizing that if you hook up with the right person, you can go places. Perhaps this dream is showing you that you have been relying too heavily upon someone else, and it is time for you to take the wheel of your own life, and own it with full responsibility. See Parasite.

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A trailer is a home and in this way is ultimately a symbol of your sense of self at the time of the dream.

The function of a trailer is to allow such a home to be mobile and easily moved from one place to another. This movement is symbolic of change and transformation such that the essential self as represented by the trailer is unchanged. Such an image in a dream might indicate that outside circumstances are shifting in your life and there is a desire to maintain a connection to your essential self as you allow those changes to unfold.

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If you dreamed of a trailer home or trailer park, you can expect a complete change of circumstances. Be confident - this dream also suggests that you have have the flexible personality to successfully adapt to the changes that are coming.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


A community of mobile homes, a trailer park may be a literal representation of your world if you actually live in one.

If you think of each separate home as a thought or an idea, then the symbol of a trailer park is about many congruent ideas gathered together. But though there are many thoughts that are in agreement in this symbolic homestead, they also represent ideas about which you have some flexibility or willingness to easily change. What areas of your life seem permanent but ultimately are not?... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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