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If you dream of seeing or taking tranquilizer pills, you may be avoiding some issue or situation in your real life. It’s also possible that you are refusing to recognize a negative aspect of yourself.

If you dream of being shot with a tranquilizer gun, or slipped a tranquilizer, there is an annoying person in your life. You may feel that you are being deceived or lied to in some way.

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Tranquilizer | Dream Interpretation

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Shot by tranquilizer gun

Tranquilizers falling from the sky

Being shot by a tranquilizer

Tranquilizer gun

Tranquilizer dart

Drinking a tranquilizer

Someone throwing tranquilizer darts at me

What does it mean to be shot with a tranquilizer dart

Shot with tranquilizer

Stabbed with tranquilizer

Shot with tranquilizer dart


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