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The following dreams tend to be common during times of change or transition. A dream of waking and getting up, when in fact you are still asleep, may signal reluctance to face change or a new challenge—such as a new job or new relationship. Then again, perhaps this false wakefulness is the mind’s way of preventing us from waking up, thereby exemplifying Freud’s theory that the purpose of all dreams is to prolong, rather than interrupt, sleep. Dreams of a vehicle careering out of control suggest worries about losing all sense of direction in life, especially if you are the driver, passenger or bystander unable to influence the events.

A rudderless, drifting raft or boat suggests loss of direction, but some believe that sometimes not knowing where you are going can be a way of discovering your true self. A raft is an image of survival and, in some ways, this image suggests the ability to ride out the sea of troubles rather than be overwhelmed. Strange reflections in the mirror are often said to suggest personal identity problems during times of conflict—if it’s your face, and your eyes are closed, this is a refusal to confront reality and if it is someone else’s face, this may indicate a sense of inadequacy when compared to them. No face at all is the ultimate identity crisis; a fear of death itself.

If a bridge appears in your dream, this is a clear symbol of transition from the present to the unpredictable future. Crossing the bridge suggests that you possess the strength within to cope with life’s journey and with difficult events such as moving home, divorce or a new job.

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Dreams of a transition signify that you are making changes, progress, improvements, and you are evolving along your enlightenment path. Your life is under construction, and though the process might be messy, it can also be healthy for you to your die daily, and be reborn with each breath you take. See Breakdown/Breakdown Dreams.

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If your dream journey reflects your progress in waking life, transition points such as bus stops, airports, taxi queues, stations, ports and harbors often represent transitional points in your life. So too do tunnels, crossroads and bridges. Such images suggest that you are about to leave one stage of your life behind and are getting ready to take a new direction. Pay attention to your feelings in these dreams, as they will mirror your desire to move on with your life. Dreams of crossroads are a potent symbol of the need to make choices and changes in your waking life. Remember that whenever you make a choice you also reject something, so pay attention to the path on which you decide to travel in your dream and the surprises it might have in store. Signposts have a similar interpretation and if the sign bore words, can you make any connections with your waking situation? Did you follow the directions or decide to take a different route in your dream? If you followed a different route, your unconscious is urging you to depart from the route you are following in your waking life.

Bridges are points of transition that link the past with a potential future, so if you dreamed of wandering across a bridge, could you see what was waiting for you on the other side?... The Element Encyclopedia


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