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Dreaming of a transvestites signifies that you are uncomfortable in some way with the more feminine side of your personality.

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(See Vagina)

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Transvestite | Dream Interpretation

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(Lesbian; Sodomy; Transvestite; Vagina) If one sees himself acting effeminately in a dream, it means evil, distress, fear or that a calamity will befall him. Ifan effeminate person sees himself having a vagina in a dream, it means that he has two faces or that he is satisfied to be knowledgeable as well as a fraud. Ifan effeminate person or a homosexual looks at his own male organ and finds no female organ beside it in the dream, it means that he will repent and back up from his loathsome conduct and revert to his natural sexual condition. Ifan effeminate person who is also bisexual sees himself as having a vagina, or ifhe looks at his penis in a dream, it means separation from his wife or mother or segregation from his friends.

(Also see Sexual intercourse; Vagina)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation



The symbol of a person who has attained the perfect balance of male and female characteristics, an androgynous being represents the union of opposites, an important idea in Jung’s theory. In dreams, this archetype is not so much referring to your sexual nature, but more to the union of your inner and outer world. Your interpretation will depend on how this dream image made you feel; were you relaxed and natural, or did you feel repulsed or confused? The latter suggests disharmony, whilst the former suggests harmony.... The Element Encyclopedia


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