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An astounding revelation is likely to follow a dream featuring a trapdoor.

Don’t get panicked into a hasty decision you may later regret Play it coot

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1. An unpleasant yet astounding surprise.

2. Use caution to avoid snap decisions in sudden, difficult circumstances.

3. An urge or desire to avoid or escape certain conflicts or encounters, often wisely.

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In contrast to Parachute, this is unpleasant Falling, as in Abyss, and particularly as in Shooting.

See Hiding Place, but this image also accesses layers of your character.

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Trapdoor | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Trapdoor


See Abyss. Fear of Falling. Falling down the precipice means either fear of difficulties and adversity or a challenge to let go (See Shot, Brook, Elevator, Trapdoor). Moving up a cliff indicates that adversity can positively affect the outcome; the situation is improving.

You want to get some perspective on your life. It may also mean that you have difficulty in advancing socially, as in Climbing, Obstacle, Exam / Test, Summit.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


See Ladder, Stairs. Emotional changes, and the degree of those changes is expressed here. Caution, remaining aware of reality.

If the lift is moving up fast—advancement, high hopes.

If the elevator is moving down fast—to the point that it is uncomfortable—fear of letting go. See Abyss and Trapdoor.

If the elevator gets stuck, inferiority complex or strong inhibitions.

A symbol of Kundalini, vitality in Yoga. Advancement and wish for self-affirmation; or, fear of Falling, and Shooting. Being constricted, as in Siege, Amber, Village, and Trap, except not so extreme. Emotional transformation; becoming more aware without effort.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Little Giant Encyclopedia


It is a beautiful symbol full of meaning, especially if it is opening. In that case, it generally represents personal development and desire to explore your inner world, or it suggests that you are about to cross the threshold of a new life stage or to begin an important new project.

If in the dream they shut the door in your face, you may have the feeling of being excluded or ignored by others.

If you are not able to open it, it is a reminder that, right now, you should not try to alter the situation in which you are.

If the door is too narrow you may have to give up some of your demands in order to succeed. For Freud, this dream has a clear sexual reading: door represents the vagina. Consequently, if it is narrow it is a symbol of sexual difficulties, and the act of opening and closing it continuously is a clear allusion to intercourse.

The doorknob predicts unexpected good luck; its hinges, family problems. A closed door predicts lost opportunities; an open one, fortune; a revolving one, the arrival of a monotonous period; and a trapdoor, shocking news.

DOOR - analysis of the dream

Mireia dreamed: “I dreamed I was in a dark hallway surrounded by rooms on either side. Hanging on the walls there were old portraits of people who seemed to follow me with their eyes. I was terrified. I knew it was a test and needed to choose a door and walk through it, but I was afraid to be wrong; I was afraid that if I chose wrong I could fall into the void. Suddenly, one of the doors opened. I decided to go in. I found myself on a light and airy corridor; at the end I could see another golden door. I walked toward it, this time without fear and with confidence that something wonderful was waiting for me inside. I opened it, confident, and realized it was in my own room. I felt safe and calm but very tired. I laid on my cozy bed and gave myself up to a peaceful sleep. Then I woke up.”

Mireia’s dream reflects a very specific time in her life when she had to make important decisions that would affect her future. Her company had offered her a promotion that involved a transfer across the world: Australia. The dark and gloomy corridor reflects the situation at the moment of her dream, full of doubts and fears. The ancient portraits of people who seemed to be looking at her signal the pressure she was under. However, the door opening represented the opportunity that fate was offering to her; suggesting that she was about to cross the threshold of a new phase of her life.

The golden gate was the confirmation that her decision to leave would be the right one. Her unconscious was encouraging her to accept it. The fact that the door led her to her own room is a message that she did not have be afraid of changes, because home was also waiting for her over there.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


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