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Your loved one is vain and fickle. Do not wear your heart upon your sleeve.

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Trinkets | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Trinkets


Our name represents our sense of self, our essential T.

If name is altered: suggests a sense of change in the way we see ourself. Other people’s names: our feelings for that person; the quality we feel in regard to some­one else with the same name, or wordplay or associations with the name.

A woman dreamt a friend asks her ‘Do you know where Chris is?*; she replied he was on the back seat. On waking she realises she is being asked ‘Where’s the cri­sis?’ Two weeks later she had a kidney infection—in the back seat. Names also suggest qualities, as in Peter, the rock; or one’s friend Pat may be pleasure loving, so we use the name or person to represent that quality. See wordplay, puns.

Place names: these can represent our feelings about the place, or be similar to personal names in their suggestion of something. Example: ‘On the other side of the road was a window with my wife’s ring and watch and other trinkets. I went to pick them up but a stranger put his hand over them. I then crossed the road to get a bus to Andover’ (Arthur P). Arthur’s dream wants to make sure he gets the message by saying hand-over and Andover.

Idioms: call someone names; clear someone’s name; have a bad name; not a thing to one’s name; in name alone; in the name of; make a name for oneself; name dropper, one’s mid­dle name, name is mud; somebody who shall be nameless; or my name’s not . . .; worthy of the name; name in vain; lend one’s name to; name the day. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Fairy is a collective term for many different beings, often tiny, beautiful, delicate and possessing magical powers. Many fairies have a human form, but some have animal or human / animal shapes. Elves, goblins, gnomes, dwarves and trolls are the most representative of Faerie races among the many different cultures of Europe. Some cultures believe that fairies—also called ‘fae’ or ‘fey’—are real beings who can direct the powers of nature. As ‘devas’, they help plants grow and thrive when called upon for their help. Some also believe that fairies can play tricks on humans and blame them when shiny, pretty items such as jewelry are lost.

If one appeases the fairies by leaving treats or trinkets in the garden, they may be less mischievous.

Other cultures believe that fairies are both male and female and the image of butterfly innocence and sweetness may in fact be a deceptive one, as fairies were traditionally malevolent towards humans. In dreams, these old beliefs may linger and fairies may be regarded as untrustworthy beings that foreshadow trouble. Fairies in dreams may be of either sex but are typically female. For Freudians, they can represent incest fantasies with a female relative. In the symbolism of dreams, fairies can also hint at your own latent powers or potential, so if your eyes were captured by a vision of a host of ethereal fairies dancing in the moonlight, was your unconscious encouraging you to discover your own inner magic potential? In the dream world, fairies can also represent hopes and desires. Maybe you’ve been going through a bad time, and have been wishing that your fairy godmother would appear and make it all go away with her magic wand.

If a woman dreams of fairies, it can symbolize the nurturing, maternal and feminine side of herself. Fairies in men’s dreams might represent the anima, the female aspect of the personality or, in line with its colloquial sense, repressed homosexual urges. When we accept and integrate both our masculine and feminine traits, we can achieve emotional balance. What was the role of the fairy in your dream? Were your wishes granted or did you fly away to some faraway land? If you were the fairy in your dream, what kind of power did you have? How did you use it? You may need to get in touch with the magical side of your personality and believe that you really do have the power within you to make your dreams come true.... The Element Encyclopedia


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