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(Debts; Slipping; Step lightly; Stumble) To stumble by catching one’s foot orhurting one’s toe in a dream means accumulatingdebts.lfone’s toe bleeds from tripping out in the dream, it means acquiring unlawful or tainted money to pay other debts, or it could mean suffering a great financial loss.

(Also see Walking)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

To be tripped or to trip someone in a dream symbolizes an attempt to cause someone to fail at something, Ps. 140:4

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Tripping You | Dream Interpretation

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To dream that you slip or that you make a slip of the tongue suggests that you are doing things you do not really want to do, or saying things you do not really mean.

If you stumble but do not fall, it may suggest that you will meet obstacles but will be able to surmount them.

If you fall, obstacles may lie in your path in waking life and you need to find a way to work round them. Trying in vain to climb a slippery slope suggests you may have taken on more than you can cope with, and are in danger of backsliding under the pressure. It could also be a warning against being a control freak; you cannot control everything and everyone, and need to show more regard for the views of others. To dream that you trip up or stumble indicates that something is out of control in your waking life and you need to deal with it. Things are not going as smoothly as you want, as you are faced with minor obstacles. It could also indicate social awkwardness; perhaps you are worried you might get off on the wrong foot. Does your self esteem need a boost, or are you simply not looking where you are going?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Being open and refraining from pretense, as in Bareness, Naked. Enjoying fully the sensuous beauty of yourself or somebody else. Do you want, no matter what the subject, actually is, to bare yourself? A warning against lack of boundaries and being insolent. Shedding clothes, according to Jung, is always the shedding of parts of ourselves. See also: Amputation.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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