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İntermingled with more than one source; research colors; see “clothing”

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Tweed | Dream Interpretation

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Duels are fairly common in the dream world. These are verbal clashes against a rival. In many cases, these dialectical fights indicate the existence of emotional conflicts with your partner or a close relative who intends to limit your liberty. They can also express an internal conflict, probably between your conscious thoughts and your unconscious instincts. In this sense, you have to find a happy medium. These matters always have nuances, so you are not supposed to lean toward either extreme. You will not be calm until you solve it.

Many stories for kids are full of oneiric symbology and illustrate psychologic processes. An example of this is present on Lewis Carroll’s characters: Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They represent internal facets of a subject’s childhood.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


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