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Means of communication and self-expression. Need to organize and verbalize thoughts and feelings.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

If you dreamed of using one, it signifies a substantial step forward, unless it jammed or gave trouble, in which case it constitutes an obstacle dream, and its meaning depends on the outcome of the action.

Of course, if you are in the habit of using a typewriter, the dream probably has no significance.

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If you dream of a typewriter, then you are romantic, idealistic and even nostalgic for days gone by. This dream can also be showing you that your communication style is rigid, old-fashioned, and out-moded. Consider that this dream may be telling you that it is time for you to learn a new way of expressing yourself.

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1. A need or desire to communicate or improve commu­nications within specific relationships (note who is typing and to whom it is addressed).

2. Forward movement in business.

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To see a typewriter in your dream, indicates that you need to open the lines of communication with someone in your life. Also see “Typing”, below.

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Preparing a message of importance

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Clanking on a typewriter whose keys get stuck may mean that you are holding on to an old method of doing business or communication tactics that no longer work.

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Typewriter | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Typewriter


1- To dream of writing is an attempt to communicate information that one has. Sometimes the instrument we are writing with is important.

For instance, a pencil would suggest that the information is less permanent than with a pen, whereas a typewriter or word processor would tend to suggest business communication rather than personal.

2- Writing as a creative art is meaningful, and as a form of self- expression it perhaps allows us to communicate when spoken words are inadequate. In dreams we may learn how to communicate with ourselves in differing ways.

3- The dreamer may not be consciously aware of his spiritual progression.

Dreaming of writing suggests a subconscious record is being kept.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Material aspects: On a mundane level an image that is quaint is perhaps a curiosity – of interest but not much use. In today’s technological age, dreaming of an old typewriter, for instance, might highlight an antipathy to new technology.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


If writing figures in dreams, this is an attempt to communicate information when spoken words are inadequate. Your dream may be reflecting your true thoughts and feelings.

If you are writing down names and addresses in your dream, this may be a reminder to remember your friends and take note of your enemies. It also suggests a need to reflect on something, or sort out your ideas and decisions. Perhaps the instrument with which you are writing is significant. For example, to write with a pencil or chalk would suggest the information is less permanent than were you to write with a pen or fountain pen, and a typewriter or word processor would suggest that the information is connected to business, rather than personal, issues. Writing a novel or writing in general can also suggest a desire to leave your mark on the world in some way.

If the writing is by someone you know, this refers to their influence over your life and thought processes in waking life.

If you are writing to someone you know, he or she may represent the nature of the issues you are trying to express.

If you dream of someone else writing, this can show an aspect of yourself that is seeking to express itself.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Writing is a means of communication. In dreams, it may be a symbol of communicating with others but it mostly represents communication with oneself.

If you are writing in a dream or reading someone else’s writing, it may suggest an unconscious effort to become aware of forces or issues in life. Take note that writing is a secondary form of communication. Speaking is more direct and less cumbersome for most. Thus, the written message

In your dream may be disguised or may be less genuine than other forms of receiving information from the unconscious.

You may be trying to figure something out and this might be the first step in that process. Sometimes the instrument you are using when writing is important. For example, a pencil would suggest the information is less permanent than it would be if you were using a permanent marker; a typewriter or word processor would suggest business rather than personal communications.

If you dream of leaning over to write on a blank sheet of paper, this suggests an opportunity to make a fresh start and if you are holding a pen, you have found a means to express your thoughts. Were you writing to someone you know or starting to write a novel? Whatever you were writing and whoever it was for, the message implicit in dream writing is that you have an urge to communicate either to someone in particular or to a wider audience. An ink blot in a dream suggests that you have doubts about something or someone in waking life. The shape of the blot may be significant if you can recall it.

If tears smudge your writing, this may suggest feelings of guilt towards someone or emotional difficulties.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


A computer is a symbol of the rational unemotional part of your mind, but it can also suggest your personal potential or abilities, your memories and stored information, and even your unexplored potential. The computer and other high- tech gadgetry are such a part of our lives now that their meaning depends very much on the other images in your dream.

If you work a lot with computers, they may simply be a means to an end but they may also be a reminder of your potential or abilities. Keyboards have replaced typewriters and are—along with slots for floppy disks, CD-ROMs and DVDs—Freudian symbols of female sexuality. Computer screens or monitors are associated by Jungians with the search for knowledge in cyberspace, whilst computer hackers are associated with Jung’s trickster archetype in their ability to bring chaos to order. The computer hard drive can represent conscious, physical and material side of you, with the software representing your inner self and the curser and mouse the direction your life needs to take.

If a cursor is frozen or a hard drive crashes in your dream, this could suggest obstacles and blockages that stop you progressing in waking life. See also EVERYDAY THINGS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If you work in an office, the chances are that this will feature every now and again in your dreams. Sometimes your dreams will be connected with your work, but in general such dreams represent another aspect of your waking life, aside from work; this may be a particular problem, your emotions or your attitude to life and authority.

If you feel crowded in by computers, typewriters and people, this may indicate a crowd of problems whereas an office that is suddenly closed or deserted may reflect an emotional emptiness in your life.

If you were stocktaking in your dream, you may be taking stock of your present situation; if goods are being carried out you may feel as if your inner resources are being depleted.

If you had a dream in which you were storing away documents in a filing cabinet, this may have been urging you to store away memories that are no longer relevant to your waking life. Alternatively, could your unconscious have been urging you to restore order to a waking life littered with chores and obligations? For office items such as computers, see MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY; for pay and pensions, see MONEY AND SHOPPING; for factory and warehouse, see BUILDINGS.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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