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Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of an iguana symbolizes ruthless, ferocious, and callous acts. It identifies both hostility and unstoppable willpower.

To dream of an iguana symbolizes a person who brings inspiration, anxiety, and experience.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Complete Dictionary of Dreams

The ultimate predator, this is a very common image in a dream that represents fear and anxiety. As a totem, the power of the shark is phenomenal. Sharks represent our capacity to be single-minded, unstoppable, and driven. And yet, when they appear in a dream, they are often reviled and feared. When the shark appears in your dream, you must ask yourself what you are afraid of. Such a dream may be calling you to step into your personal power in a bigger way. Focus, self-determinism, and being utterly free of distraction are part of the medicine that the shark has to offer. But first you must get out of the way of your own fears in order to accept such power as your own.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams

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