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Removal from the source of nourishment and origin; research whatever was uprooted; see “root”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Trees are people or nations.

The Church is also depicted as a tree, Dan. 4:20-22, Matt. 13:31-32.

A green tree is symbolic of a prosperous person, Ps. 52:8.

An uprooted tree symbolizes a false teacher or a false prophet, someone who is spiritually dead, Jude 1:12... Christian Dream Symbols


Christian Dream Symbols


(see by type, Eating, Garden)

If this is a play on words, your subconscious is saying that for some reason you have begun to feel as productive as an inanimate, uprooted vegetable. Get up and become an active participant in life again!

Each vegetable in a dream has a different interpretive value.

For example, a carrot is a masculine emblem that also represents vision and luck. Additionally, as an omen, carrots symbolize forthcoming wealth, health, and happy marriages.

Dreaming of eating celery is an omen of love and affection. Cauliflower growing in a garden foretells increased business prospects, corn might depict a “corny” personality or the promise of improved finances, and beans carry a magical overtone thanks to the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Root vegetables denote grounding, a connection to your family, and the staples of both spiritual and mundane life.

Jungian: Because vegetables get nourished by all the elements, they represent the depths of the subconscious, the deepest roots, and the fundamental self.

Societal, cultural, or religious limitations. Many vegetables have been shunned because of one of these contexts, such as tomatoes being thought poisonous, or potatoes not being eaten by Puritans because they are not in the Bible.

Eating vegetables in a dream is a portent of odd luck and coincidence on the horizon.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


(see Flowers, Gardens, Purple)

Passion: This flower is astrologically ruled by Venus.

In the Vctorian language of flowers, this represents enchantment or being charmed, for boon or bane.

The color of this flower directly relates to the spiritual condition. So, how does the flower appear? Is it healthy, wilted, uprooted, surrounded by weeds}

Among the ancient Greeks, violets represented undisturbed rest and safety from ghosts.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


Houses bear various meanings, from comfort, privacy, and safety.

To dream about different parts and states of your house reflect different depths of feelings, and various emotional and mental states.

The attic refers to your intellect and mind, while the basement describes the subconscious.

If the house is empty, it connotes feelings of insecurity. Shifts and changes in the house indicate change and progression of your personality and beliefs.

To dream that you are cleaning your house suggests self-improvement. It further refers to getting rid of old limiting beliefs and adopting new progressive point of views.

If you have a crowded house and you dream that your house is empty, it indicates a need to break free and live your live independently. Old beliefs and attitudes are represented by old houses.

To dream of a new house represents a new era of your life.

If you dream that someone broke into your house, you have a sense of being violated. Your personal boundaries has been crossed by someone.

To dream of a house also indicates that your subconscious is reminding you of something long forgotten, such as good traits you are no longer using.

To dream of a haunted house refers to unfinished business from the past.

A missing house suggests a feeling of being uprooted.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dreams of an orphan signify that you are feeling alone, lonely, cast out, uprooted, ungrounded, unloved, and maybe even victimized. You are in the midst of transformation, walking through the phase where you feel cast out from your former comfort zone, and you are having to find your own strength. During this challenging time, between the old and the new; don’t give up, keep moving as you do some soul searching that will lead you to the home that is within you. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams and Latch Key Kid.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


The roots of a tree represent your unconscious mind, as well as your childhood and your past, the ’roots’ from which you have grown.

If the roots in your dream appear strong, this suggests that the past is still heavily influencing your present. It could also suggest that your past was stable and supportive. If, on the other hand, the tree in your dream was a young one, the message may be that you are in the process of putting down your roots or establishing yourself in the waking world. A dream in which the roots are in the sky suggests wisdom and insight. Spreading roots would indicate an ability to relate well to others, whereas deep roots would suggest a more self-contained attitude. An uprooted tree symbolizes a feeling of being uprooted in waking or spiritual life. Are you losing your hold on the ground? Roots symbolize home, family and stability. Are any of these things changing in your waking or spiritual life?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

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