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The warrior archetype represents loyalty, physical strength and the ability to protect, defend, and fight for one’s rights. To be unbreakable and to fight to the death is a large part of the warrior archetype, which is also associated with the passage from boyhood to manhood. Such dreams appeal to our fantasies of independence, and the power to defend ourselves and right wrongs. The shadow warrior distorts or abandons ethical principles and decency in the name of victory at any cost. The warrior archetype is just as connected to the female psyche as to the male. In today’s society, the warrior woman or Amazon archetype has emerged in its glory once again through women who liberate and protect others, especially women and children who need vocal and financial representation. The concept of the spiritual warrior directs us to use the classic warrior virtues of heroism, stoicism, and self-sacrifice for conquering the ego and gaining control of our inner lives.

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Dreams of a warrior represent your connection to your source and power. You are discovering your heroism in the face of the your fears. You are realizing that in the face of your greatest challenges is where you find your strength. See Shaman.

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To see or dream that one is a warrior represents life’s challenges and one’s ability to confront them.

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If you dreamed of a warrior in battle, you are likely to become involved in serious quarrels.

If you were the warrior in your dream and you won the fight (or if you saw a “good guy” warrior winning a fight), it is a happy omen for your current love interests.

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Ready to fight for something.

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To dream of a mighty warrior coming toward you implies that an extremely capable and courageous aspect of yourself is asking to be involved in a situation in your waking life. Know that you have everything you need to confront a task that is awaiting you.

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