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A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

see Bath, sections (2) and (3)

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Getting rid of negative feelings such as despair or self doubt, fears about health—neurotic phobias about one’s own wholeness. Washing hair: changing one’s attitude; alter­ing the way one thinks about something or one’s viewpoint. Washing vagina, penis: clearing negative sexual feelings; deal­ing with the results of pent up sexuality or reproductive drive. Hanging up washing: allowing change to come into one’s life; letting other people see one’s new attitudes. In a mother’s dream: may refer to caring for the family emotionally. Wash­ing hands: getting rid of feelings about something you have done or been involved in. Idioms: all come out in the wash; lost in the wash; it won’t wash; wash dirty linen in public; wash one’s hands of. See soap; bath.

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

(hands, body, or feet) symbolic of cleansing from sin, Ex. 30:19 21, Ps. 26:6, Jn. 13:8

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

When some type of washing occurs in a dream, you are cleansing or clearing out something that no longer serves you.

The primary symbolic meaning for any kind of bathing connects to this desire to be clean and available for social interaction with others. This can connect to unconscious feelings of dirtiness that are both literal and metaphorical. There may be ways in which you are feeling unclean and in need of purification. Anything that involves water in a dream is going to connect somehow to issues of emotions. Using water to bathe might point to a need or desire to immerse yourself in the realm of your feelings in order to cleanse yourself of the pain that life sometimes brings.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

A spiritual cleansing may be necessary in order to preserve our integrity, such as before a magical ritual. Such an image will often arise spontaneously as our knowledge increases.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: Since water is a symbol for emotion and the unconscious, washing stands for achieving a relationship with our emotional selves and dealing successfully with the results.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: Dreaming of washing either ourselves or, for instance, clothes suggests getting rid of negative feelings. We may need to change our attitude, either internally or externally. Washing other people touches on our need to care for others.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Washing oneself may represent cleaning away the dirt and debris of unhappy experiences or emotions in the dreamer’s life.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

Vision: Washing hands: you are feeling remorse because of something you did. Washing dirt)’ things: others caused problems, because they insisted on something that was wrong. Washing yourself or taking a bath: traits that “stain” your character need to be removed. See Bathing, Soap, Water.

Depth Psychology: Dreams about washing are a reminder to “wash away” bad habits. See Laundry.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

(Brass polisher; Dishwasher; Washer) Adishwasher or a brass polisher in a dream represent an interior decorator, or someone who beautifies and embellishes people’s properties, or one who attracts people to himself.

A washer in a dream is also interpreted as a righteous man, a gnostic, a preacher, a teacher, or one who polishes people’s hearts with his admonitions.

(Also seeWasher)

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

A symbol for cleansing as in Tub, Shower, Bath, Sauna. In alchemy, being blackened is followed by washing; chaotic situations are followed by cleansing (from guilt feelings). Washing of the hands is a sign of innocence.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

If you dream of washing yourself in a bath or shower, or in a pond, you need time to yourself to relax from a recent period of emotional stress.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

A dream of difficulties ahead, probably connected with friends or with your home life.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

1. To dream that one is washing one’s face and/or hands in a washbowl signifies that the dreamer will be consumed with passion for someone close to him/her.

2. To dream that one is washing one’s feet signifies that the dreamer will change his/her line of work and undertake a more fruitful venture.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

Dreams of washing are about healing, detoxing, and releasing negativity, so that you may start again, fresh, cleansed and renewed. Also, this dream may be giving you the message that it is time to clean up your act. See Cry.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

also see Water

1- Dreaming of washing either oneself, or for instance, clothes, suggests getting rid of negative feelings. We may need to change our attitude, either internally or externally. Washing other people touches on our need to care for others.

2- Since water is a symbol for emotion and the unconscious, washing stands for achieving a relationship with our emotional selves and dealing successfully with the results.

3- A spiritual clcansing may be necessary in order to preserve the dreamer’s integrity.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

To dream that you are washing yourself, signifies that you pride yourself on the numberless liaisons you maintain. See Wash Bowl or Bathing.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

If you wash yourself in dreams it means you need to “cleanse” certain aspects of your personality, since you harbor feelings of guilt. On the contrary, these images could also mean that matters that are worrying you are beginning to clear up. An important detail: if you are washing clothes or a personal item, it is your emotional and intimate relationships that require cleaning.

If you wash dishes, it indicates spiritual purity that nourishes you.

If you was someone else, it shows your desire for that person to heal. (See WATER)

To wash clothes or rags of white linen is a very promising dram. To wash yourself is also a good omen, as long as it is with clear, clean water. Stained clothing, however, predicts bad luck.

If you take a bath while clothed, it signifies coming deceptions.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

If you dream of washing yourself, it is an indication that you will be thought well of by most members of the opposite sea, and may look forward to a happy married life.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

If you are washing yourself, or someone or something else in a dream using water, this suggests the cleansing of negative feelings such as despair or self- doubt. Is it time to clean up your act or perhaps get started on a project you have been postponing? Dreams of washing your hair suggest you are thinking of changing your attitude or the way you present yourself to others; if you are washing a vagina or penis, it could mean that you are dealing with the results of a pent-up sexuality, whilst if you are washing your hands, you may be trying to get rid of feelings about something you have done or been involved with.

If you dream of hanging up washing, it suggests that you are allowing change to come into your life, as well as letting other people see your new attitudes.

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig

To dream of washing oneself denotes good after an illness, a change for the better (Gypsy).

Interpretation Of Washing | Dream Interpretation

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My Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are being brainwashed suggests that you are feeling victimized or helpless in some relationship or situation.... My Dream Interpretation


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Washing dishes with Dawn may comment on a revelation or inspiration coming through the simple and mundane acts of life. It may suggest that you just came up with a great idea in the most unusual moment, or it may represent fresh ideas, which may initiate a new beginning.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Squeezing a botde of Joy dish soap in a dream may mention the need to put some joy into the simple things in life.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Filth)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


The Element Encyclopedia

Washing may represent some kind of inner cleaning in which you get rid of attitudes and habits that are holding you back.

If you are washing clothes in your dream, this symbolizes an improvement in the way you present yourself to the world.

If you are washing underwear, this may indicate the resolution of feelings of sexual insecurity.

If you are washing someone else’s clothes, this may indicate your desire to help that person feel better about themselves.

According to ancient dream oracles, washing clothes and yourself was a sign of good fortune, but stained clothes and taking a bath fully clothed indicated misfortune.... The Element Encyclopedia


New American Dream Dictionary

1. One has the means to cleanse some part of one’s life, such as guilt.

2. Watching a washing machine in ac­tion means one’s life is humdrum. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Ariadne's Book of Dream

A washing machine may point to the need to clean up your attitude in order to perfect your image in the world.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Strangest Dream Explanations

If you dream that the washing machine is plugged in and well functioning, then you have a healthy energetic laundry system. However, if the washing machine is unplugged or malfunctioning, then this is a message to seek help to process through recent traumatic or overwhelming events in your life.... Strangest Dream Explanations


My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of loading or unloading a washing machine with clothes, this foretells an unexpected vacation or change of location.

If you dream of hiding or being stuck inside a washing machine, you need to escape from stress in your waking life. You may also feel that others are trying to force their opinions or values on you.... My Dream Interpretation


Complete Dictionary of Dreams

As a function of routine, clothes are kept clean in this mechanism. In this way, a washing machine is a symbol of this impulse to keep elements of your life at a certain level of condition. You may be expressing a need to clear off thoughts or feelings that are unwanted.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Undertaker) If one sees a deceased person washing himself before burial in a dream, it means relief for one’s dependents and increase of their wealth after him. Washing a deceased person in a dream means that someone will repent at the hand of the undertaker.

If a deceased person asks someone to wash his clothing in a dream, it means that he needs someone to pray for him, or to intercede on his behalf before his Lord, or pay charity for the benefit of his soul, or to satisfy his debts, or to fulfill his will, or to seek justice for his death. Ifone does wash the garment ofthe deceased person in the dream, it means the redemption of that person. Washing a deceased person with boiling water in a dream means that the latter is suffering in hell-fire.

(Also see Grave digger; Hot water; Ritual bath; Undertaker)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

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