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(see Lycanthropy, Monsters, Wolf)

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

Aggression, anger, fear; lower or animal urges within self. See Monster.

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A werewolf is a creature that does not exist in the physical world. He is symbolic of a man that turns into a monster, a normal person that transforms into a bloodthirsty animal.

The werewolf may represents something in your life or in your own personality. When interpreting this dream, consider internal and external factors that generally seem normal but have a tendency to transform into undesirable, hurtful, or dangerous concerns in your life.

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see Sinister Animals in Animals

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

Dreams of a werewolf signify your connection and integration with your animal instincts, and that you have been perhaps overindulging in your base needs and desires. This dream might also be showing you that you have been predatorial and/or that you have been taking without reciprocation. See Vampire and Animal.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1. Some part of the dreamer has extreme hostility buried within him/her.

2. One has hidden a strong sexual component.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

To see a werewolf in your dream, indicates that something in your life is not what it seems.

If you dream that you are a werewolf, it suggests that some aspects of your personality are hurtful to your own well-being. You may be headed down an undesirable path.

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See sinister animals and transformation of animals in this section.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

See sinister animals in animals

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

See “wolf”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

The beast lives within all human beings, but when bit by the werewolf, the beast unleashes the shadow in relationship to the cycle of the moon.

The moon represents all that is unconscious, and when it is full, we are able to see more of what is usually hidden.

The werewolf is one of the most powerful symbols of the dark parts of human nature that must be faced when looking at the unknown.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Symbolic of people whose actions and attitudes can turn them into a monster.

A werewolf can also be a spiritual enemy

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe

See vampire; animals.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

Werewolf | Dream Interpretation

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The most obvious image of a vampire is of a creature that is dead and sucks the blood of the living, rising from the grave at night to do so—then sleeping all day in a most inhuman-like fashion. Your blood is your life force, it carries with it everything you need to survive; if your blood drains away, you become weak and die. Vampires are therefore the parasites of the supernatural realm; they share a world with ghouls (creatures that prey on the dead), and the succubi and incubi that take on human form to have sex with sleeping people. In the past, when the Catholic Church was a little more superstitious, they blamed a person’s apparently sudden sexual awareness on these sexual interlopers of the night.

Vampires are often repelled by simple, natural things like daylight; they are also turned away by religious symbols in mythology.

Dreaming of these parasitic creatures can signify a number of things: that a part of your existence is having the life sucked out of it, that you need to take a closer look at the more tiresome aspects of your life and dispel the worries connected with them or that you need to employ some kind of self-protection or preservation. It may be that your partner is holding you back, or that your mother is trying to control every aspect of your life so that your energy is being drained away. It is also possible, but rare, that you are the one behaving in a parasitic manner and are subconsciously quite disturbed by it. Alternatively, to dream of seeing a vampire may indicate that you are feeling seductive, powerful and very sensual.

Werewolves and bats, like vampires, come out at night to suck people’s blood; just as vampires go through a metamorphosis to become bats, so too werewolves undergo a transformation from human beings during the full moon. It is thought that these creatures in your dream mean that there is something going on in your life that is awkward and difficult to deal with. To dream of a werewolf may also suggest that some part of your life is not what it seems. Both vampires and werewolves have been regarded as symbols of dark forces since medieval times. Both drain their victims of their vital essence. To imagine one or other of these creatures in your dream should be taken as a warning to distance yourself from someone in waking life who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. It could also refer to some activity or habit that is having a negative effect on you. Bear in mind that while werewolves are believed to have a particular preference for young women (suggesting dangerous sexual predators), vampires, their fanged fellow fiends of the night, are opportunistic killers who take their sustenance from any kind of human blood, be it a man’s, woman’s or child’s. So if you had a dream in which someone you know came too close for comfort before baring a set of needle sharp fangs, your dream may be alerting you to someone who is feeding off your energy, or else sponging off your fiancé and thriving at your expense.... The Element Encyclopedia


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