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Revealed to recognize the futility and encourage faith in god’s promises of protection and provision

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If you dream about worrying, it may be a reflection of real worries you have in your waking life. You may have unexpressed emotions, thoughts and angers that are triggering your dream.

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To feel worried while you sleep reveals physical discomfort and possible malaise. The dream wants you to understand that you must pay more attention to your health. Some aspect of your private life is affecting you physically, you are externalizing all the negative influences that overwhelm you in daily chores.

Worry | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
If your dream was of the erotic type the meaning depends on the details.

A dream of firm, pleasantly colored nipples is a favorable omen for either sex and if they seemed to be very large they predict an increase in material wealth.

Painful or ulcerated nipples are warning you that you could do with a medical check-up.

To dream of having more than the normal complement of a pair signifies that your only sex problems will be discretion in your choice of partners).

You’ll have no lack of opportunity.

A dream of being touched on the body by someone else’s nipples indicates happy tidings.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


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